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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Declaration of policy and purposes
§ 280. Declaration of policy and purposes. Whereas beach erosion along
the shoreline of this state and especially along the shoreline in the
county of Suffolk causes loss of life and damage to property and
constitutes a menace to the health, safety and welfare of the people of
this state in general and the residents of Suffolk in particular, it is
the sense of the legislature that in order to arrest erosion and
alleviate or prevent damage resulting therefrom and as protection from
storms, the governing body of the county of Suffolk is hereby authorized
to establish or extend county hurricane protection, flood and shoreline
erosion control districts in the manner hereinafter provided for the
purpose of constructing and reconstructing dunes, bluffs, bulkheads,
dikes, groins, jetties, fills and other works and improvements upon
lands and lands under water owned by such county, or any town, village,
park, or existing hurricane protection, flood and shoreline erosion
control district or private lands upon which the county has obtained
easements or a fee title. No county district shall be established
hereunder which shall consist wholly of territory within one town or