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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Public hearing
§ 280-e. Public hearing. When the agency has caused such maps and
plans to be prepared, it shall transmit them to the governing body,
together with a report of its proceedings and its recommendations,
including a recommendation as to what officer, board or body should be
the administrative head or body of the proposed district. Such report
may further include the recommendations relating to the establishment of
two or more zones of assessment within the proposed district and the
estimated initial allocation of the cost of the construction of the
facilities as between such zones to be assessed, levied and collected in
each zone in the same manner and at the same time as other county
charges. Upon receipt of the report and the maps and plans, the
governing body shall call a public hearing upon a proposal to establish
a county district, to comprise the area or areas described and defined
in said maps and plans. The clerk of the governing body shall cause a
notice of the public hearing to be published at least once in the
official newspapers of the county and in such other newspapers having a
general circulation in the proposed district as the governing body may
direct, the first publications thereof to be not less than ten or more
than twenty days before the day set therein for the hearing. The notice
of hearing shall contain a description of the area or areas to be
included within the proposed district, and if the report shall have
recommended the establishment of zones of assessment, a description of
the area or areas to be included within each zone of assessment, the
improvements proposed, the maximum amount to be expended for the
improvement, the allocation of such maximum amount as between the zones
of assessment recommended, if any, the proposed method of assessment of
the cost and shall specify the time when and place where the governing
body will meet to consider the matter and to hear all parties interested
therein concerning the same. In the event that zones of assessment are
provided for and an allocation of cost of the facilities between such
zones of assessment, said notice shall further state that said zones of
assessment and said allocations of cost may be changed from time to time
by resolution of the governing body adopted after a public hearing
whenever said governing body shall determine that such changes are
necessary in the public interest.