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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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§ 280-k. Review. Any interested party, including a village, or a town
board or board of commissioners on behalf of an existing district,
aggrieved by the final determination or order made by the governing body
establishing the district, may make application for review of any and
all of the final determinations made by the governing body in connection
with the proceeding in the manner provided in article seventy-eight of
the civil practice law and rules provided that application for review is
made within thirty days from the date of the recording of the order
establishing the district in the office of the clerk of the county.
Unless such application is made within thirty days as aforesaid, the
order establishing the district shall be final and conclusive. In the
event that upon such review there shall be any modification by the court
of such final determination or order, the clerk of the governing body
shall cause such order to be recorded and certified copies thereof filed
in the same places as was the determination or order appealed from.