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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Increase and improvement of facilities
§ 280-s. Increase and improvement of facilities. Whenever the
governing body shall determine it necessary to acquire additional lands
or interests in lands or to acquire or to construct dunes, bluffs,
bulkheads, dikes, groins, jetties, fills or other works including all
necessary facilities and equipment appurtenant thereto; or whenever the
governing body shall determine it necessary for the proper maintenance
and service of such facilities to increase, improve or reconstruct the
facilities thereof, including the acquisition of additional lands, or
interests in land therefor, it may cause the same to be accomplished
without further authorization, provided, however, that if it is proposed
to finance any part of the cost thereof by the issuance and sale of
capital notes or serial bonds, such improvement shall not be undertaken
unless authorized by proceedings taken in the same manner as the
proceedings taken for the original establishment of the district, except
that the sole determination which the governing body shall make is
whether such improvement is in the public interest, and if zones of
assessment have been established, said governing body shall further
determine the allocation of the cost thereof as between such zones.