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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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County small watershed protection districts
§ 299-m. County small watershed protection districts. The board of
supervisors of each county may establish or extend county small
watershed protection districts in the manner hereinafter provided, for
the purpose of undertaking, constructing and maintaining projects and
works of improvement for flood prevention, land treatment, and for the
conservation, development, disposal and utilization of water including
but not limited to use for irrigation in watershed and sub-watershed
areas as provided for in the federal act approved August four, nineteen
hundred fifty-four, and known as public law five hundred sixty-six, and
as the "Watershed Protection and Flood Prevention Act", and all acts
amendatory thereof and supplemental thereto, and which projects and
works of improvement have been or may be approved by the federal
government and for which federal financial and other forms of assistance
shall be made available.