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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Miscellaneous provisions
§ 308. Miscellaneous provisions. 1. At least one public service
answering point within and serving the 911 service area of a
municipality which has enacted a local law or resolution pursuant to the
provisions of this article shall be operated on a twenty-four hour

2. The board may also apply for and accept federal monies and may
accept contributions and donations from any source for the purpose of
funding an E911 emergency telephone system.

3. Nothing contained in this article shall require the imposition of a
surcharge by a municipality which has established or plans to establish
an E911 system to serve such municipality nor preclude other means of
funding all or part of an E911 system nor require the operation or
establishment of such system by any municipality.

4. Records, in whatever form they may be kept, of calls made to a
municipality's E911 system shall not be made available to or obtained by
any entity or person, other than that municipality's public safety
agency, another government agency or body, or a private entity or a
person providing medical, ambulance or other emergency services, and
shall not be utilized for any commercial purpose other than the
provision of emergency services.