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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Powers and duties of the chairperson
§ 328-b. Powers and duties of the chairperson. 1. The chairperson of
the board shall coordinate efforts among other executive agencies having
an interest in the duties of the board, and shall consult with such
agencies in carrying out the duties of the board.

2. The chairperson shall receive such assistance as required to carry
out its duties from staff of the division of homeland security and
emergency services designated for such purposes, as well as staff
members recommended by other state agencies to the chairperson.

3. The board may request and receive from any department, division,
board, bureau, commission, or other agency of the state or any political
subdivision thereof such assistance, information, and data as will
enable the board to properly carry out its functions, powers, and duties
under this article.