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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Board of managers; appointment; terms; expenses
§ 386. Board of managers; appointment; terms; expenses. When the board
of supervisors shall have determined to establish a hospital for the
care and treatment of persons suffering from tuberculosis, and shall
have acquired a site therefor, and shall have awarded contracts for the
necessary buildings and improvements thereon, it shall appoint five
citizens of the county, of whom at least two shall be practicing
physicians, who shall constitute a board of managers of the said
hospital. The term of office of each member of said board shall be five
years, and the term of one of such managers shall expire annually; the
first appointments shall be made for the respective terms of five, four,
three, two and one years. Appointments of successors shall be for the
full term of five years, except that appointment of persons to fill
vacancies occurring by death, resignation or other cause shall be made
for the unexpired term. Failure of any manager to attend three
consecutive meetings of the board shall cause a vacancy in his office,
unless said absence is excused by formal action of the board of
managers. The managers shall receive no compensation for their services,
but shall be allowed their actual and necessary traveling and other
expenses, to be audited and paid, in the same manner as the other
expenses of the hospital, by the board of supervisors. Any manager may
at any time be removed from office by the board of supervisors of the
county, for cause after an opportunity to be heard.