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Superintendent; general powers and duties
§ 388. Superintendent; general powers and duties. The superintendent
shall be the chief executive officer of the hospital and subject to the
by-laws, rules and regulations thereof, and to the powers of the board
of managers:

1. Shall equip the hospital with all necessary furniture, appliances,
fixtures and other needed facilities for the care and treatment of
patients and for the use of officers and employees thereof, and shall in
counties where there is no purchasing agent purchase all necessary

2. Shall have general supervision and control of the records,
accounts, and buildings of the hospital and all internal affairs, and
maintain discipline therein, and enforce compliance with, and obedience
to all rules, by-laws and regulations adopted by the board of managers
for the government, discipline and management of said hospital, and the
employees and patients thereof. He shall make such further rules,
regulations and orders as he may deem necessary, not inconsistent with
law, or with the rules, regulations and directions of the board of

3. Shall appoint such resident officers and such employees as are
authorized by the board of supervisors for the efficient performance of
the business of the hospital, and prescribe their duties; and for cause
stated in writing, after an opportunity to be heard, discharge any such
officer or employee at his discretion.

4. Shall cause proper accounts and records of the business and
operation of the hospital to be kept regularly from day to day, in books
and on records provided for that purpose; and see that such accounts and
records are correctly made up for the annual report to the board of
supervisors, as required by section three hundred eighty-seven of this
article, and present the same to the board of managers, who shall
incorporate them in their report to the said supervisors.

5. Shall receive into the hospital in the order of application, any
person found to be suffering from tuberculosis in any form who is
entitled to admission thereto under the provisions of this article,
excepting that if at any time there be more applications for admission
to said hospital than there are vacant beds therein, said superintendent
shall give preference in the admission of patients to those who in his
judgment, after an inquiry as to the facts and circumstances, are more
likely to infect members of their households and others, in each
instance signing and placing among the permanent records of the hospital
a statement of the facts and circumstances upon which he bases his
judgment as to the likelihood of transmitting infection, and reporting
each instance at the next meeting of the board of managers; and shall
also receive persons from other counties as hereinafter provided. Said
superintendent shall cause to be kept proper accounts and records of the
admission of all patients, their name, age, sex, color, marital
condition, residence, occupation and place of last employment.

6. Shall cause a careful examination to be made of the physical
condition of all persons admitted to the hospital and provide for the
treatment of each such patient according to his need; and shall cause a
record to be kept of the condition of each patient when admitted, and
from time to time thereafter.

7. Shall discharge from said hospital any patient who shall wilfully
or habitually violate the rules thereof; or who is found not to have
tuberculosis; or who is found to have recovered therefrom; or who for
any other reason is no longer a suitable patient for treatment therein;
and shall make a full report thereof at the next meeting of the board of

8. Shall collect and receive all moneys due the hospital, keep an
accurate account of the same, report the same at the monthly meeting of
the board of managers, and transmit the same to the treasurer of the
county monthly on or before the tenth day of the month.

9. Shall before entering upon the discharge of his duties, give a bond
in such sum as the board of managers may determine, to secure the
faithful performance of such duties.

10. May attend such courses in the diagnosis and treatment of
tuberculosis and in hospital administration at a state tuberculosis
hospital as may be established and which he may be authorized to attend
by the board of managers of his hospital. Subject to appropriation being
made therefor, the necessary expenses in traveling to and from such
state tuberculosis hospital for the purpose of taking such courses shall
be a county charge.