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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Powers of the authority
§ 396-h. Powers of the authority. The authority, by and through its
board, shall have the following functions, powers and duties:

1. To coordinate and assist in activities in the county relating to
drug control;

2. To establish in-patient and out-patient treatment facilities for
persons addicted to the use of drugs and drug abusers. Such facilities
shall include, but shall not be limited to:

a. detoxification centers and clinics for the out-patient treatment of
drug abusers and addicts;

b. a treatment center where drug abusers and addicts may obtain
professional counseling from physicians, psychologists, psychiatrists
and where possible, former drug abusers and addicts;

c. half-way houses to provide continuing treatment for drug abusers
and addicts.

3. To create a referral program whereby drug abusers, addicts and
persons and agencies concerned with their treatment will make use of the
aforementioned treatment facilities;

4. To encourage and, when so requested, assist cooperative efforts
among local narcotic guidance councils and state agencies in developing
solutions to the drug problem;

5. To establish one or more treatment districts within the county
based on geography and population density; and to employ a referral
counselor in each treatment district;

6. To encourage and foster, if possible, the use of former drug
abusers and persons formerly addicted to drugs as staff personnel;

7. To assist narcotic guidance councils of a city, town or village
within the county in the development of preventative educational

8. To act as agent for the county in accepting any public or private
funds which may be made available to a county to control the problems of
drug abuse;

9. To make a continuing evaluation of the preventative educational
techniques and pharmacological and psychiatric treatment procedures used
in the county;

10. To utilize former drug abusers and ex-addicts in educational
counseling and make periodic evaluations of their effectiveness;

11. To establish youth centers to provide individual and group therapy
and develop constructive work habits;