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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Supplies and equipment
§ 408. Supplies and equipment. 1. Except as otherwise provided by law
and when the office of county purchasing agent has not been created,
each officer paid compensation from county funds shall have power,
subject to rules of the board, to purchase necessary supplies and
equipment for his respective office or department within the limits of
the appropriation therefor.

2. The board of supervisors may authorize the purchase of supplies and
equipment through the office of the clerk of the board.

3. The board of supervisors may authorize the purchasing agent or
clerk of the board to purchase for and on behalf of the towns forms of
vouchers, budgets, account books, loose leaf ledger sheets, envelopes,
notices, reports and other uniform staple office supplies, subject to
the provisions of section four hundred eight-a of the county law and
section one hundred three of the general municipal law. By resolution
the board of supervisors shall determine the manner of requisition and
of payment in reimbursement.