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Chairman of the board; powers and duties
§ 450. Chairman of the board; powers and duties. 1. The chairman of
the board of supervisors shall, at the time of his selection and
throughout the term of his office, be a member of the board of
supervisors and shall within twenty days after his selection take and
file in the office of the county clerk an oath of office as such
chairman and execute and file an official undertaking in such amount as
may be required by the board. Such undertaking shall be approved by the
board if in session and otherwise by the county clerk. Upon failure to
take said oath or to execute and file said undertaking within the time
therefor prescribed by law, the board of supervisors may declare a
vacancy and select another chairman from its membership. He shall be
ex-officio member of all committees and shall have the right to attend
meetings of all boards, commissions or other bodies appointed by the
board of supervisors or exercising county functions or expending county
funds. He shall have the right to inspect all books, accounts, records
or documents pertaining to the property, money or assets of the county
or over which the county has control.

2. It shall be the duty of such chairman: (a) to become familiar with
the property, functions and fiscal affairs of his county; (b) to see
that the statutory and local laws and resolutions of the board of
supervisors and directions of county officers empowered to make the same
are faithfully executed and report to the board any neglect of duty; (c)
to make recommendations to the board of supervisors on legislation,
rules and regulations and such other matters deemed material and
advisable; (d) to advise department heads and officers and recommend
matters deemed helpful in the performance of their duties.

3. The board of supervisors may delegate to such chairman the power
to: (a) transfer employees temporarily from one department or office to
another with the approval of the appointing officer or board; (b)
determine what officer shall perform a particular power or duty not
clearly defined by law; (c) determine what officers and employees may
attend conferences and schools conducted for the betterment of county
government; (d) execute and deliver documents and contracts authorized
by such board; (e) perform such other administrative duties as the board
may determine to be necessary to give full effect to the provisions of
this chapter.