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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Deputy county clerk
§ 526. Deputy county clerk. 1. Within ten days after assuming the
duties of the office, each county clerk shall appoint a deputy county
clerk by an instrument in writing filed and recorded in his office. The
deputy county clerk shall perform such duties as may be assigned by the
county clerk and during the temporary absence or inability of the county
clerk, have and exercise all of the powers and duties of the office. In
case of a vacancy in the office of county clerk, the deputy county clerk
shall perform the duties of the county clerk until a successor is
elected or appointed and has qualified.

2. The county clerk in like manner may designate one or more employees
of his office to serve as acting deputy clerk during the absence or
inability of such deputy county clerk to perform the duties of the
office. If there be no deputy county clerk, or acting deputy county
clerk, the county judge may in the same manner designate an acting
deputy county clerk who shall serve until a successor is appointed by
the county clerk and has qualified.

3. The county clerk may appoint and remove such additional deputies
authorized to act generally for and in the place of their principal as
shall be authorized by resolution of the board of supervisors.