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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Emergency special deputies
§ 655. Emergency special deputies. For the protection of human life
and property during an emergency, the sheriff may deputize orally or in
writing such number of additional special deputies as he deems
necessary. If he is unable to continue the services of such special
deputies without compensation, he may pay the compensation of any such
special deputies in such amount as the board of supervisors may
determine for each day any such special deputy is actually engaged in
assisting him in the performance of his duties, or in assisting any
other sheriff who has declared a state of special emergency, pursuant to
the provisions of section two hundred nine-f of the general municipal
law, with the permission of the sheriff who deputized him. If the board
of supervisors shall fail to fix the compensation of such special
deputies, the sheriff may fix such compensation at not exceeding three
dollars per hour for each such special deputy. The compensation of any
special deputy so appointed shall be a county charge. The board of
supervisors may direct the manner of payment including a direction of
approval for such payment by the chairman of a designated committee of
the board.