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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Fund for expenses of sheriff in transporting prisoners
§ 657-a. Fund for expenses of sheriff in transporting prisoners. The
board of supervisors shall have power to, and may, provide a fund for
the payment in advance of audit of properly itemized and verified bills
for the expenses of the sheriff lawfully and necessarily incurred in the
transportation of prisoners, and, by resolution, authorize the county
treasurer to apply said fund in payment of such bills on the approval of
the sheriff endorsed thereon; said bills so paid to be transmitted to
the clerk of the board of supervisors and audited by it at its next
regular session held subsequent to their payment. The sheriff and any
claimant receiving payment as aforesaid shall be jointly and severally
liable for any item or items contained in a bill so paid in advance of
audit which shall be disallowed and rejected by the board of supervisors
upon final audit, to be recovered in an action brought by the board of
supervisors in the name of the county.