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This entry was published on 2018-02-23
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Training requirements for coroners and coroner's deputies
§ 679. Training requirements for coroners and coroner's deputies. Each
coroner and coroner's deputy, whether elected or appointed pursuant to
section four hundred of this chapter, shall attend and successfully
complete state-approved courses in medical-legal investigation. The cost
of such courses shall be the responsibility of the coroner or coroner's
deputy, provided however that the county may, at its discretion,
reimburse the coroner or coroner's deputy for all or a portion of the
cost of such courses. Such courses shall be prescribed, certified and
accredited pursuant to rules promulgated by the department of health, in
consultation with the department of state, the division of criminal
justice services, the superintendent of state police, the commissioner
of education, and the chair of the commission on forensic science. The
department of health may also consult with qualified professional
groups. Such rules shall also establish the frequency and duration for
successful completion of any such courses by a coroner or coroner's
deputy and may prescribe heightened levels of training for any newly
elected or appointed coroner or coroner's deputy.