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This entry was published on 2023-05-12
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Services other than counsel
§ 722-c. Services other than counsel. Upon a finding in an ex parte
proceeding that investigative, expert or other services are necessary
and that the defendant or other person described in section two hundred
forty-nine or section two hundred sixty-two of the family court act,
article six-C of the correction law or section four hundred seven of the
surrogate's court procedure act, is financially unable to obtain them,
the court shall authorize counsel, whether or not assigned in accordance
with a plan, to obtain the services on behalf of the defendant or such
other person. The court upon a finding that timely procurement of
necessary services could not await prior authorization may authorize the
services nunc pro tunc. The court shall determine reasonable
compensation for the services and direct payment to the person who
rendered them or to the person entitled to reimbursement. Only in
extraordinary circumstances may the court provide for compensation in
excess of three thousand dollars per investigative, expert or other
service provider.

Each claim for compensation shall be supported by a sworn statement
specifying the time expended, services rendered, expenses incurred and
reimbursement or compensation applied for or received in the same case
from any other source.