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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Approval of comptroller
Economic Development Law (COM) CHAPTER 15, ARTICLE 4-C
§ 146. Approval of comptroller. The comptroller shall not approve or
file any procurement contract for the acquisition of goods or services
in the amount of fifty thousand dollars or more unless notice as
provided in section one hundred forty-two of this article shall first
have been published in the procurement opportunities newsletter at least
fifteen business days prior to the date on which a bid or proposal was
due. Provided, however, such requirement of publication of advance
notice shall not apply to contracts exempt from such requirement under
section one hundred forty-four of this article; provided further, that
the comptroller shall not be required to disapprove a contract if he or
she determines that there has been substantial compliance with the
requirements of section one hundred forty-two and section one hundred
forty-three of this article. The foregoing provisions of this section
shall not be construed to limit, in any manner, the right of the
comptroller to demand evidence of adequate competition or such other
proofs as he or she may require in the discharge of his or her
responsibilities pursuant to section one hundred twelve of the state
finance law or any other provision of law.