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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Legislative findings and objectives
Economic Development Law (COM) CHAPTER 15, ARTICLE 5-C
§ 173. Legislative findings and objectives. The legislature hereby
finds and declares that the promotion, stimulation, development and
expansion of tourism and tourism-related recreational and cultural
activities involving the Erie/Barge canal are important to the economic
revitalization and development of counties and communities adjacent to
the canal. The legislature further finds that a greater public awareness
of the canal would encourage its increased use for multiple purposes
thereby maximizing the state's investment in the canal and its operation
and maintenance. The legislature therefore determines that a program of
state assistance to municipalities for the planning, implementation and
promotion of canal-related tourism activities will benefit local
economies by increasing employment and tax revenues and thereby enhance
the well-being of counties and communities adjacent to the canal and of
the people of the state.