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Industrial infrastructure development program
Economic Development Law (COM) CHAPTER 15, ARTICLE 13
§ 250. Industrial infrastructure development program. 1. Definitions.
As used in this article, unless a different meaning clearly appears from
the context, the following terms shall have the following meanings:

(a) "Eligible applicant". Eligible applicants may submit proposals to
the appropriate regional office of the department and such applicant
shall be any state agency involved in promoting the economic development
of the state including, but not limited to, the departments of economic
development, agriculture and markets, transportation, the urban
development corporation and the job development authority, or a
municipality, an industrial development agency or local development

(b) "Industrial infrastructure development project" shall mean a
project for the design, acquisition of property, construction and/or
reconstruction in connection with storm and sanitary sewers, electric
and gas service distribution lines, water supply systems, drainage
systems and site clearance, preparation, improvements, and demolition.

(c) "Industrial facility" shall mean any type of facility to be used
or occupied by any person in an enterprise deemed to offer a reasonable
likelihood for promoting the creation or retention of job opportunities
in the state and includes, but is not limited to, industrial or
manufacturing plants, facilities for research and development purposes,
facilities for conducting wholesale, receiving and distributing
operations, facilities for conducting office operations, warehousing
operations, agricultural operations, or any other operation dealing in
the exchange of goods, wares, services or other types of property of any
type or description. Facilities supporting primarily retail commercial
operations are not defined as industrial facilities.

(d) "State agency" shall mean an office, department, board,
commission, bureau, division, public corporation, agency or
instrumentality of the state.

2. Project eligibility. Eligible projects shall include industrial
infrastructure projects which are an integral part of an economic
development effort which will retain, attract, expand or revitalize an
industrial facility. Projects on which construction has been initiated
are ineligible for funding under this program.

3. Eligible costs. The following costs are eligible for funding
through this program:

(a) industrial infrastructure development project design costs;

(b) costs for completing and updating plans, specifications and
estimates where preliminary engineering or related planning has already
been undertaken, and where additional engineering work or related
planning is required to permit construction of the industrial
infrastructure development project;

(c) costs associated with standard construction activities which are
reasonable costs of construction work performed under contract; and

(d) acquisition of real property.

4. Ineligible costs. The following costs are not eligible for funding
under this program:

(a) expenses or other engineering costs incurred prior to the
industrial infrastructure development project initiation, related to
administration, planning or estimates;

(b) any expense required to carry out the overall responsibilities of
the eligible applicant, such as administrative costs; and

(c) municipal personal services costs of a regular and recurring

5. Project costs. For any single industrial infrastructure development
project, costs shall not exceed two hundred fifty thousand dollars of
state funds.

6. Application process. Proposals shall include the following: (a) a
description of the industrial infrastructure development project,
including provisions for public use and maintenance for the useful life
of the facility to be provided by the project, if appropriate; (b) a
description of how the economic development project related to the
industrial infrastructure development project is consistent with the
regional economic development strategy and the state's economic
development goals; (c) an estimation of the number of jobs to be created
or retained by the economic development project; (d) a description of
the financing and implementation schedule for the economic development
project demonstrating the need for state participation in the industrial
infrastructure development project component; (e) an affirmation by the
responsible public or corporate official to the effect that existing
funding programs are not available or appropriate for the industrial
infrastructure development project due to funding availability; and (f)
a description of the method or plans for repayment to the state of at
least fifty percent of the industrial infrastructure development project

7. Evaluation criteria. Applications shall be evaluated in accordance
with the following criteria:

(a) the total number of jobs created or retained per dollar invested
in the industrial infrastructure development project;

(b) consistency with the appropriate regional development strategy;

(c) the impact on existing and proposed economic development projects
and programs and appropriateness of the proposed project concept;

(d) the impact on existing infrastructure facilities and services, if

(e) the availability of alternate funding sources;

(f) the repayment ability of the party who is designated to make such
repayment; and

(g) demonstration by the industrial facility of its commitment and
ability to carry out the economic development project related to the
industrial infrastructure development project.

8. On or before October first, nineteen hundred eighty-eight and on or
before October first of each year thereafter, the department shall
submit to the governor and the legislature a report regarding the
current status of the industrial infrastructure development program.
Such report shall include, but not be limited to:

(a) the number of applications received;

(b) the number of applications approved;

(c) project descriptions including a description of the related
economic development project, type of business assisted, location,
amounts awarded, amounts expended, repayments to date, and projected
completion date;

(d) jobs created and/or retained per project; and

(e) description of factors which demonstrate each project's
consistency with regional economic development strategies and state
economic development goals.

9. (a) The department shall submit to the director of the division of
the budget, the chairperson of the senate finance committee and the
chairperson of the assembly ways and means committee, an evaluation of
program effectiveness prepared by an entity independent of the
department. Such an evaluation shall be submitted on or before September
first, two thousand five, and on or before September first every four
years thereafter.

(b) Between evaluation due dates, the department shall maintain the
necessary records and data required to satisfy such evaluation
requirements and to satisfy information requests received from the
director of the budget, the chairperson of the senate finance committee
and the chairperson of the assembly ways and means committee between
such evaluation due dates.