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This entry was published on 2020-01-10
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SECTION 150.10
Appearance ticket; definition, form and content
Criminal Procedure (CPL) CHAPTER 11-A, PART 2, TITLE H, ARTICLE 150
§ 150.10 Appearance ticket; definition, form and content.

1. An appearance ticket is a written notice issued and subscribed by a
police officer or other public servant authorized by state law or local
law enacted pursuant to the provisions of the municipal home rule law to
issue the same, directing a designated person to appear in a designated
local criminal court at a designated future time in connection with his
alleged commission of a designated offense. A notice conforming to such
definition constitutes an appearance ticket regardless of whether it is
referred to in some other provision of law as a summons or by any other
name or title.

2. When an appearance ticket as defined in subdivision one of this
section is issued to a person in conjunction with an offense charged in
a simplified information, said appearance ticket shall contain the
language, set forth in subdivision four of section 100.25, notifying the
defendant of his right to receive a supporting deposition.

3. Before issuing an appearance ticket a police officer or other
public servant must inform the arrestee that they may provide their
contact information for the purposes of receiving a court notification
to remind them of their court appearance date from the court or a
certified pretrial services agency. Such contact information may include
one or more phone numbers, a residential address or address at which the
arrestee receives mail, or an email address. The contact information
shall be recorded and be transmitted to the local criminal court as
required by section 150.80 of this article.