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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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SECTION 185.20
Electronic arraignment
Criminal Procedure (CPL) CHAPTER 11-A, PART 2, TITLE H, ARTICLE 185
* § 185.20 Electronic arraignment.

Notwithstanding the provisions of subdivision nine of section 1.20,
sections 110.10, 120.10, 120.40, 120.90, 140.20, 140.27, 140.40, 170.10
and 180.10 of this chapter or any other provision of law as they pertain
to a defendant's personal appearance at arraignment, in Suffolk county,
the court in its discretion may dispense with the defendant's personal
appearance at the arraignment and conduct an electronic arraignment,
provided that:

1. The defendant has waived in writing his right to personally appear
at his arraignment and has consented to be arraigned by the electronic
arraignment process;

2. The district attorney has consented to the electronic arraignment
process for the defendant;

3. The personal appearance of the defendant at the arraignment would
result in an unreasonable delay in the preliminary proceeding; and

4. The chief administrator of the courts has authorized the use of
electronic arraignments for the court, pursuant to the provisions of
section 185.40 of this article.
* NB Expired September 1, 1983