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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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SECTION 210.40
Motion to dismiss indictment; in furtherance of justice
Criminal Procedure (CPL) CHAPTER 11-A, PART 2, TITLE I, ARTICLE 210
§ 210.40 Motion to dismiss indictment; in furtherance of justice.

1. An indictment or any count thereof may be dismissed in furtherance
of justice, as provided in paragraph (i) of subdivision one of section
210.20, when, even though there may be no basis for dismissal as a
matter of law upon any ground specified in paragraphs (a) through (h) of
said subdivision one of section 210.20, such dismissal is required as a
matter of judicial discretion by the existence of some compelling
factor, consideration or circumstance clearly demonstrating that
conviction or prosecution of the defendant upon such indictment or count
would constitute or result in injustice. In determining whether such
compelling factor, consideration, or circumstance exists, the court
must, to the extent applicable, examine and consider, individually and
collectively, the following:

(a) the seriousness and circumstances of the offense;

(b) the extent of harm caused by the offense;

(c) the evidence of guilt, whether admissible or inadmissible at

(d) the history, character and condition of the defendant;

(e) any exceptionally serious misconduct of law enforcement personnel
in the investigation, arrest and prosecution of the defendant;

(f) the purpose and effect of imposing upon the defendant a sentence
authorized for the offense;

(g) the impact of a dismissal upon the confidence of the public in
the criminal justice system;

(h) the impact of a dismissal on the safety or welfare of the

(i) where the court deems it appropriate, the attitude of the
complainant or victim with respect to the motion;

(j) any other relevant fact indicating that a judgment of conviction
would serve no useful purpose.

2. In addition to the grounds specified in subdivision one of this
section, a count alleging enterprise corruption in violation of article
four hundred sixty of the penal law may be dismissed in the interest of
justice where prosecution of that count is inconsistent with the stated
legislative findings in said article. Upon a motion pursuant to this
section, the court must inspect the evidence before the grand jury and
such other evidence or information as it may deem proper.

3. An order dismissing an indictment in the interest of justice may
be issued upon motion of the people or of the court itself as well as
upon that of the defendant. Upon issuing such an order, the court must
set forth its reasons therefor upon the record.