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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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SECTION 380.90
Reporting sentences to schools
Criminal Procedure (CPL) CHAPTER 11-A, PART 2, TITLE L, ARTICLE 380
§ 380.90 Reporting sentences to schools.

1. "Designated educational official" shall mean (a) an employee or
representative of a school district who is designated by the school
district or (b) an employee or representative of a charter school or
private elementary or secondary school who is designated by such school
to receive records pursuant to this section and to coordinate the
student's participation in programs which may exist in the school
district or community, including: non-violent conflict resolution
programs, peer mediation programs and youth courts, extended day
programs and other school violence prevention and intervention programs.

2. Whenever a person under the age of nineteen who is enrolled as a
student in a public or private elementary or secondary school is
sentenced for a crime, the court that has sentenced such person shall
provide notification of the conviction and sentence to the designated
educational official of the school in which such person is enrolled as a
student. Such notification shall be used by the designated educational
official only for purposes related to the execution of the student's
educational plan, where applicable, successful school adjustment and
reentry into the community. Such notification shall be kept separate and
apart from such student's school records and shall be accessible only by
the designated educational official. Such notification shall not be part
of such student's permanent school record and shall not be appended to
or included in any documentation regarding such student and shall be
destroyed at such time as such student is no longer enrolled in the
school district. At no time shall such notification be used for any
purpose other than those specified in this subdivision.