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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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SECTION 610.10
Securing attendance of witnesses by subpoena; in general
Criminal Procedure (CPL) CHAPTER 11-A, PART 3, TITLE R, ARTICLE 610
§ 610.10 Securing attendance of witnesses by subpoena; in general.

1. Under circumstances prescribed in this article, a person at
liberty within the state may be required to attend a criminal court
action or proceeding as a witness by the issuance and service upon him
of a subpoena.

2. A "subpoena" is a process of a court directing the person to whom
it is addressed to attend and appear as a witness in a designated action
or proceeding in such court, on a designated date and any recessed or
adjourned date of the action or proceeding. If the witness is given
reasonable notice of such recess or adjournment, no further process is
required to compel his attendance on the adjourned date.

3. As used in this article, "subpoena" includes a "subpoena duces
tecum." A subpoena duces tecum is a subpoena requiring the witness to
bring with him and produce specified physical evidence.