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SECTION 710.30
Motion to suppress evidence; notice to defendant of intention to offer evidence
Criminal Procedure (CPL) CHAPTER 11-A, PART 3, TITLE T, ARTICLE 710
§ 710.30 Motion to suppress evidence; notice to defendant of intention

to offer evidence.

1. Whenever the people intend to offer at a trial (a) evidence of a
statement made by a defendant to a public servant, which statement if
involuntarily made would render the evidence thereof suppressible upon
motion pursuant to subdivision three of section 710.20, or (b) testimony
regarding an observation of the defendant either at the time or place of
the commission of the offense or upon some other occasion relevant to
the case, to be given by a witness who has previously identified him or
her or a pictorial, photographic, electronic, filmed or video recorded
reproduction of him or her as such, they must serve upon the defendant a
notice of such intention, specifying the evidence intended to be

2. Such notice must be served within fifteen days after arraignment
and before trial, and upon such service the defendant must be accorded
reasonable opportunity to move before trial, pursuant to subdivision one
of section 710.40, to suppress the specified evidence. For good cause
shown, however, the court may permit the people to serve such notice,
thereafter and in such case it must accord the defendant reasonable
opportunity thereafter to make a suppression motion.

3. In the absence of service of notice upon a defendant as prescribed
in this section, no evidence of a kind specified in subdivision one may
be received against him upon trial unless he has, despite the lack of
such notice, moved to suppress such evidence and such motion has been
denied and the evidence thereby rendered admissible as prescribed in
subdivision two of section 710.70.