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SECTION 715.50
Analysis of dangerous drugs
Criminal Procedure (CPL) CHAPTER 11-A, PART 3, TITLE T, ARTICLE 715
§ 715.50 Analysis of dangerous drugs.

1. On and after September first, nineteen hundred seventy-three, in
every felony case involving the possession or sale of a dangerous drug,
the head of the agency charged with custody of such drugs, or his
designee, shall within forty-five days after receipt thereof perform or
cause to be performed an analysis of such drugs, such analysis to
include qualitative identification; weight and quantity where

2. Within ten days after the report of such analysis is received by
such agency, the head thereof or his designee shall forward a copy
thereof to the appropriate district attorney and inform him of the
location where the subject drugs are being held.

3. The failure to have an analysis made or to forward a copy thereof
within the time specified in subdivisions one and two of this section
shall not be deemed or construed to bar the making or granting of a
motion pursuant to this article or to the prosecution of a case
involving such drugs.