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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Conditions of judgment
Court of Claims Act (CTC) CHAPTER 860, ARTICLE 2
§ 12. Conditions of judgment. 1. In no case shall any liability be
implied against the state. No judgment shall be granted on any claim
against the state except upon such legal evidence as would establish
liability against an individual or corporation in a court of law or

2. No judgment shall be awarded to any claimant on any claim which, as
between citizens of the state, would be barred by lapse of time.

3. Claims shall be heard and judgments thereon rendered by one judge,
provided, however, that the presiding judge may order any claim or
claims to be heard or determined by more than one judge, but not more
than three judges, in which event the judgments thereon shall be
rendered upon the concurrence of two judges. All intermediate
applications and motions may be heard and determined by one judge.

4. Before any judgment shall be rendered for appropriation of land,
the value of which exceeds five thousand dollars the judge rendering or
one of the judges concurring in the judgment shall view the premises
affected thereby.