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This entry was published on 2022-03-25
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Petition for change of sex designation
Civil Rights (CVR) CHAPTER 6, ARTICLE 6-A
§ 67. Petition for change of sex designation. 1. A petition for leave
to change sex designation may be made by a resident of the state to the
county court of the county or the supreme court in the county in which
such resident resides, or, if such resident resides in the city of New
York, either to the supreme court or to any branch of the civil court of
the city of New York, in any county of the city of New York. The
petition to change the sex designation of an infant may be made by the
infant through either of such infant's parents, or by such infant's
general guardian or by the guardian of such infant's person.

2. When an individual petitions the court to recognize their gender
identity or to amend the sex designation on an identity document, the
court shall issue such an order upon receipt of an affidavit from such
individual attesting to their gender identity or reason for the change.
No additional medical evidence shall be required to grant such request.
No such order shall be required to amend an identity document issued
within New York state. No such order shall be required to otherwise
recognize the gender of an individual and treat them consistent with
their gender identity within New York state or under New York state law.
No fee shall be charged for a request for judicial intervention
associated with a petition to change sex designation.

3. Such request may be made simultaneously with a petition for change
of name pursuant to section sixty or sixty-five of this chapter or on
its own.