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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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State commission to make merit awards; regulations
Civil Service (CVS) CHAPTER 7, ARTICLE 9
§ 145. State commission to make merit awards; regulations. The state
civil service commission shall have power and it shall be its duty:

(a) To formulate, establish and maintain a plan or plans to encourage
and reward unusual and meritorious suggestions and accomplishments by
state employees and suggestions of retired state employees promoting
efficiency and economy in the performance of any function of state

(b) To appoint departmental or divisional boards or committees, from
among persons nominated therefor by the respective department or agency
heads, which shall analyze and review suggestions and accomplishments of
state employees and suggestions of retired state employees submitted for
consideration under such plan or plans and make recommendations thereon
to the commission;

(c) To make and render merit awards to or for the benefit of state
employees and retired state employees nominated to receive them in
accordance with such plan or plans;

(d) To adopt and promulgate rules and regulations governing the
operation of any plan or plans established under this article, the
eligibility and qualifications of state employees and retired state
employees participating therein, the character and quality of
suggestions and accomplishments submitted for consideration, the method
of their submission and the procedure for their review, nominations for
merit awards, and the kind, character and value of such awards, and such
other rules and regulations as may be deemed necessary or appropriate
for the proper administration of this article or for the accomplishment
of the purposes thereof;

(e) Upon the request of a public authority or other agency not in the
state service but under the jurisdiction of the civil service
department, to receive, pass upon and make awards for suggestions
submitted by employees and retired employees of such authority or
agency, provided such authority or agency agrees to abide by the
decisions of the commission and to pay the costs of all awards granted
by the commission to its employees.