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This entry was published on 2023-03-03
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Agreements between public employers and employee organizations
Civil Service (CVS) CHAPTER 7, ARTICLE 14
§ 204-a. Agreements between public employers and employee
organizations. 1. Any written agreement between a public employer and
an employee organization determining the terms and conditions of
employment of public employees shall contain the following notice in
type not smaller than the largest type used elsewhere in such agreement:

"It is agreed by and between the parties that any provision of this
agreement requiring legislative action to permit its implementation by
amendment of law or by providing the additional funds therefor, shall
not become effective until the appropriate legislative body has given

2. Every employee organization submitting such a written agreement to
its members for ratification shall publish such notice, include such
notice in the documents accompanying such submission and shall read it
aloud at any membership meeting called to consider such ratification.

3. Within sixty days after the effective date of this act, a copy of
this section shall be furnished by the chief fiscal officer of each
public employer to each public employee. Each public employee employed
thereafter shall, upon such employment, be furnished with a copy of the
provisions of this section.

4. The terms of any current or expired agreement or interest
arbitration award between any public employer and any public employee
organization representing firefighters relating to the discipline of any
firefighters shall be deemed valid and enforceable from the effective
date of this subdivision.