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Employment of veterans with disabilities by the state
* § 55-c. Employment of veterans with disabilities by the state.
1. The commission may determine up to five hundred positions with duties
such as can be performed by disabled veterans and veterans with
disabilities who are found otherwise qualified to perform satisfactorily
the duties of any such position. Positions designated to be filled
pursuant to this section may be filled on a full-time or part-time
basis. Upon such determination, the said positions shall be classified
in the noncompetitive class, and may be filled only by veterans of the
armed forces of the United States (a) who establish by appropriate
documentary evidence that they are disabled veterans, as defined in
paragraph (b) of subdivision one of section eighty-five of this chapter,
or (b) by those veterans, as defined in paragraph (a) of subdivision one
of section eighty-five of this chapter, who shall have been certified by
the employee health service of the department as being disabled but
capable of performing the duties of said positions. Priority in
certification and referral of both such disabled veterans and certified
disabled but capable veterans shall be given to those veterans who
received a wound in combat, as documented by the awarding of the purple
heart, as authorized by the United States department of defense, and
that wound is the cause of, or a substantially contributing factor to,
the degree of impairment, who otherwise meet the requirements of this
section. The number of veterans appointed pursuant to this section shall
not exceed five hundred.

2. Those employees hired under subdivision one of this section, shall
be afforded the same opportunity to take promotional examinations as
provided to employees in the competitive class.

3. When posting jobs that fall under the provisions of this section,
all state agencies shall prominently identify on such posting that such
job is "55-c Eligible".

* NB There are 2 § 55-c's