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This entry was published on 2023-05-12
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Continuous recruitment for certain positions
§ 57. Continuous recruitment for certain positions. Notwithstanding
any other provisions of this chapter or any other law, the civil service
department or a municipal commission may establish a continuing eligible
list for any class of positions for which it finds such lists
appropriate. The civil service department may only establish continuing
eligible lists for any class of positions filled through open
competitive examination. Names of eligibles shall be inserted in such
list from time to time as applicants are tested and found qualified in
examinations held at such intervals as may be prescribed by the civil
service department or municipal commission having jurisdiction. Such
successive examinations shall, so far as practicable, be constructed and
rated so as to be equivalent tests of the merit and fitness of
candidates. The name of any candidate who passes any such examination
and who is otherwise qualified shall be placed on the continuing
eligible list in the rank corresponding to his or her final rating on
such examination. The period of eligibility of successful candidates for
certification and appointment from such continuing eligible list, as a
result of any such examination, shall be fixed by the civil service
department or municipal commission but, except as a list may reach an
announced terminal date, such period shall not be less than one year;
nor shall such period of eligibility exceed four years. Subject to such
conditions and limitations as the civil service department or municipal
commission may prescribe, a candidate may take more than one such
examination; provided, however, that no such candidate shall be
certified simultaneously with more than one rank on the continuing
eligible list. With respect to any candidate who applies for and is
granted additional credit in any such examination as a disabled or
non-disabled veteran, and for the limited purpose of granting such
additional credit, the eligible list shall be deemed to be established
on the date on which his or her name is added thereto.