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Contents of petition
Debtor & Creditor (DCD) CHAPTER 12, ARTICLE 4
§ 101. Contents of petition. The petition must be in writing; it must
be signed by the insolvent, and specify his residence, and also, if he
is in prison, the county in which he is imprisoned, and the cause of his
imprisonment. It must set forth, in substance, that he is unable to pay
all his debts in full; that he is willing to assign his property for the
benefit of all his creditors, and in all other respects to comply with
the provisions of this article, for the purpose of being exempted from
arrest and imprisonment, as prescribed therein; and it must pray, that
upon his so doing, he may thereafter be exempted from arrest, by reason
of a debt, arising upon a contract previously made; and also, if he is
imprisoned, that he may be discharged from his imprisonment. It must be
verified by the affidavit of the insolvent, annexed thereto, taken on
the day of the presentation thereof, to the effect, that the petition is
in all respects true in matter of fact.