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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Notice to creditors of incompetent person or conservatee
Debtor & Creditor (DCD) CHAPTER 12, ARTICLE 9
§ 250. Notice to creditors of incompetent person or conservatee. A
court exercising jurisdiction over the property of an incompetent person
or conservatee may, upon the petition of a committee of the property of
such incompetent person or of the conservator of the property of such
conservatee, authorize him to advertise for creditors and other persons
interested in such estate, to present to him their claims with the
vouchers thereof, duly verified, and naming a post-office address at
which papers may be served on them by mail, as hereinafter provided, on
or before a day to be specified in such advertisement, not less than
thirty days from the last publication thereof, which advertisement or
notice shall be published in two newspapers to be designated by the
court as most likely to give notice to the persons to be served, not
less than once a week for four successive weeks, and a copy of such
notice securely inclosed in a post-paid wrapper, shall be deposited in
the post-office in the village or city where such committee or
conservator resides, addressed to each person interested in the estate
of such incompetent person or conservatee who shall appear from the
books or papers of such incompetent person or conservatee to be
interested in said estate, or who shall be known to said committee or
conservator to be so interested, at the proper post-office address of
such interested person, so far as said committee or conservator shall be
able to ascertain the same, at least thirty days prior to the time
limited in such notice for presentation of such claims.