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Petitioner's schedule
Debtor & Creditor (DCD) CHAPTER 12, ARTICLE 3
§ 63. Petitioner's schedule. The petitioner must annex to his petition
a schedule, containing:

1. A full and true account of all his creditors.

2. A statement of the place of residence of each creditor, if it is
known; or, if it is not known, a statement of that fact.

3. A statement of the sum which he owes to each creditor, and the
nature of each debt or demand, whether arising on written security, on
account, or otherwise.

4. A statement of the true cause and consideration of his indebtedness
to each creditor, and the place where the indebtedness accrued.

5. A statement of any existing judgment, mortgage, or collateral or
other security, for the payment of the debt.

6. A full and true inventory of all his property, in law or in equity,
of the incumbrances existing thereon, and of all the books, vouchers,
and securities, relating thereto.