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How order published and served
Debtor & Creditor (DCD) CHAPTER 12, ARTICLE 3
§ 66. How order published and served. The order must be published and
served in the following manner:

1. The petitioner must cause a copy thereof to be published in a
newspaper, designated in the order, published in the county; and also,
if one-fourth part of the insolvent's debts accrued or are due to
creditors residing in the city of New York, in a newspaper published in
that city, designated in the order. The publication must be made at
least once in each of four weeks, immediately preceding the day in which
cause is to be shown.

2. The petitioner must also serve upon each creditor, residing within
the United States, whose place of residence is known to him, a copy of
the order to show cause, either personally, at least twenty days before
the day when cause is to be shown, or by depositing it, at least forty
days before that day, in the post-office, inclosed in a post-paid
wrapper, addressed to the creditor at his usual place of residence.

Where the state is a creditor of the petitioner, a copy of the order
must be served upon the attorney-general, who must represent the state
in the subsequent proceedings.