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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Domestic Relations (DOM) CHAPTER 14, ARTICLE 7, TITLE 1
§ 109. Definitions. When used in this article, unless the context or
subject matter manifestly requires a different interpretation:

1. "Adoptive parent" or "adoptor" shall mean a person adopting and
"adoptive child" or "adoptee" shall mean a person adopted.

2. "Judge" shall mean a judge of the family court of any county in the

3. "Surrogate" shall mean the surrogate of any county in the state and
any other judicial officer while acting in the capacity of surrogate.

4. "Authorized agency" shall mean an authorized agency as defined in
the social services law and, for the purpose of this article, shall
include such corporations incorporated or organized under the laws of
this state as may be specifically authorized by their certificates of
incorporation to receive children for purposes of adoption.

5. "Private-placement adoption" shall mean any adoption other than
that of a minor who has been placed for adoption by an authorized

6. "Lawful custody" shall mean a custody (a) specifically authorized
by statute or (b) pursuant to judgment, decree or order of a court or
(c) otherwise authorized by law.

7. "A child who has been surrendered to an authorized agency for the
purpose of adoption" shall mean a child who has been surrendered to such
an agency pursuant to the provisions of section three hundred
eighty-three-c or three hundred eighty-four of the social services law.