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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Title to or occupancy and possession of property
Domestic Relations (DOM) CHAPTER 14, ARTICLE 13
§ 234. Title to or occupancy and possession of property. In any action
for divorce, for a separation, for an annulment or to declare the
nullity of a void marriage, the court may (1) determine any question as
to the title to property arising between the parties, and (2) make such
direction, between the parties, concerning the possession of property,
as in the court's discretion justice requires having regard to the
circumstances of the case and of the respective parties. Such direction
may be made in the final judgment, or by one or more orders from time to
time before or subsequent to final judgment, or by both such order or
orders and final judgment. Where the title to real property is affected,
a copy of such judgment, order or decree, duly certified by the clerk of
the court wherein said judgement was rendered, shall be recorded in the
office of the recording officer of the county in which such property is
situated, as provided by section two hundred ninety-seven-b of the real
property law.