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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Short title and statement of legislative intent
Domestic Relations (DOM) CHAPTER 14, ARTICLE 5-A, TITLE 1
§ 75. Short title and statement of legislative intent. 1. This article
may be cited as the "uniform child custody jurisdiction and enforcement

2. It is the intent of the legislature in enacting this article to
provide an effective mechanism to obtain and enforce orders of custody
and visitation across state lines and to do so in a manner that ensures
that the safety of the children is paramount and that victims of
domestic violence and child abuse are protected. It is further the
intent of the legislature that this article be construed so as to ensure
that custody and visitation by perpetrators of domestic violence or
homicide of a parent, legal custodian, legal guardian, sibling,
half-sibling or step-sibling of a child is restricted pursuant to
subdivision one-c of section two hundred forty of this chapter and
section one thousand eighty-five of the family court act.