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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Cooperation between courts; preservation of records
Domestic Relations (DOM) CHAPTER 14, ARTICLE 5-A, TITLE 1
§ 75-k. Cooperation between courts; preservation of records. 1. A
court of this state may request the appropriate court of another state

(a) hold an evidentiary hearing;

(b) order a person to produce or give evidence pursuant to procedures
of that state;

(c) order that an evaluation be made with respect to the custody of a
child involved in a pending proceeding;

(d) forward to the court of this state a certified copy of the
transcript of the record of the hearing, the evidence otherwise
presented, and any evaluation prepared in compliance with the request;

(e) order a party to a child custody proceeding or any person having
physical custody of the child to appear in the proceeding with or
without the child.

2. Upon the request of a court of another state, a court of this state
may hold a hearing or enter an order described in subdivision one of
this section.

3. Travel and other necessary and reasonable expenses incurred under
subdivisions one and two of this section may be assessed against the
parties according to the law of this state.

4. A court of this state shall preserve the pleadings, orders,
decrees, records of hearings, evaluations, and other pertinent records
with respect to a child custody proceeding at least until the child
attains eighteen years of age. Upon appropriate request by a court or
law enforcement official of another state, the court shall forward a
certified copy of those records.