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Technologies network ties program
Education (EDN) CHAPTER 16, TITLE 2, ARTICLE 40
§ 1952. Technologies network ties program. 1. There is hereby
established a model technologies network ties program to pilot
innovative uses of technology for interactive instruction and
administrative purposes, in order to determine the feasibility of
developing a statewide technologies network ties program.

2. The commissioner shall develop a plan, subject to the approval of
the director of the budget, for the allocation of such funds as may be
made available for this program, including competitive grants to school
districts and boards of cooperative educational services for interactive
instruction. Such plan shall include a listing of the school districts,
boards of cooperative educational services and library network systems
selected to take part in the pilot program.

3. Objectives of the program shall include the development of a
network consisting of a structure which will electronically link all
participating agencies and allow for the transfer of administrative and
instructional data between and among the participating sites. The
commissioner, in consultation with appropriate consultants and
representatives of participating districts and boards of cooperative
educational services, will be responsible for determining the
appropriate communication standards and protocols for the selection of
hardware and software to be used in all facets of the project.

4. The commissioner shall adopt regulations to implement the
provisions of this section.