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Legislative power
Education (EDN) CHAPTER 16, TITLE 1, ARTICLE 5, PART 1
§ 207. Legislative power. Subject and in conformity to the
constitution and laws of the state, the regents shall exercise
legislative functions concerning the educational system of the state,
determine its educational policies, and, except, as to the judicial
functions of the commissioner of education, establish rules for carrying
into effect the laws and policies of the state, relating to education,
and the functions, powers, duties and trusts conferred or charged upon
the university and the education department. But no enactment of the
regents shall modify in any degree the freedom of the governing body of
any seminary for the training of priests or clergymen to determine and
regulate the entire course of religious, doctrinal or theological
instruction to be given in such institution. No rule by which more than
a majority vote shall be required for any specified action by the
regents shall be amended, suspended or repealed by a smaller vote than
that required for action thereunder. Rules or regulations, or
amendments or repeals thereof, adopted or prescribed by the commissioner
of education as provided by law shall not be effective unless and until
approved by the regents, except where authority is conferred by the
regents upon the commissioner of education to adopt, prescribe, amend or
repeal such rules or regulations.