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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Enhanced state accountability system
Education (EDN) CHAPTER 16, TITLE 1, ARTICLE 5, PART 1
§ 211-a. Enhanced state accountability system. To more fully implement
the requirements of section one thousand one hundred eleven of the
elementary and secondary education act of nineteen hundred sixty-five,
as amended, and the federal regulations implementing such statute, the
regents shall develop and implement an enhanced state accountability
system that uses growth measures to the extent required by this section.

1. By the start of the two thousand eight--two thousand nine school
year, the regents shall establish, using existing state assessments, an
interim, modified accountability system for schools and districts that
is based on a growth model, subject to approval of the United States
department of education where required under federal law.

2. The regents shall proceed with the development of an enhanced
accountability system, with revised or new state assessments, based on
an enhanced growth model that, to the extent feasible and consistent
with federal law, includes a value-added assessment model that employs a
scale-score approach to measure growth of students at all levels. (a) If
the regents establish that the assessment scaling and accountability
methodology employed have been determined by external experts in
educational testing and measurement to be valid and reliable and in
accordance with established standards for educational and psychological
testing, and (b) the approval of the United States department of
education has been obtained where required by federal law, the enhanced
growth model shall be implemented no later than the start of the two
thousand ten--two thousand eleven school year.

3. In implementing the provisions of subdivisions one and two of this
section, the regents shall by July first, two thousand eight, establish
targets for improvement of schools and school districts based upon
performance on state assessments, graduation rates, and other indicators
of progress, such as student retention rates and college attendance and
completion rates.

4. As used in this chapter, the following words shall have the
following meanings:

a. "Growth model" shall mean the assessment of a cohort of students,
or individual students, over time that measures the academic progress
made by those students.

b. "Value added assessment model" shall mean a form of growth model
that includes an evaluation of the specific effects of programs, and
other relevant factors, on the academic progress of individual students
over time.