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County educational institutions
Education (EDN) CHAPTER 16, TITLE 1, ARTICLE 5, PART 1
§ 229. County educational institutions. The board of supervisors of a
county, having a population of over five hundred thousand and adjacent
to a city having a population of over two million, may determine, by
resolution, to make application to the regents for the incorporation,
pursuant to the provisions of part one of this article of one or more of
the institutions enumerated in section two hundred sixteen of this
chapter. The regents may, by an instrument under their seal and
recorded in their office, incorporate any such institution or
institutions under such name with such number of trustees or other
managers, and with such powers, privileges and duties, and subject to
such limitations and restrictions in all respects as the regents may
prescribe in conformity to law. The cost and expenses necessary to
establish, maintain and support such institution or institutions
pursuant to the provisions of part one of this article, including the
acquisition of real property, and the construction and equipment of
buildings and grounds, shall be a county charge and the board of
supervisors shall provide for the payment of such cost and expenses by
the levy, assessment and collection of taxes in the same manner that
taxes are levied, assessed and collected for other county purposes. The
provisions of part one of this article shall apply to such institution
or institutions, except the provision of section two hundred eighteen of
this chapter, requiring resources of at least five hundred thousand