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State science service
Education (EDN) CHAPTER 16, TITLE 1, ARTICLE 5, PART 1
§ 235. State science service. There shall be maintained in the
university a science service which shall be known as the state science
service and the state geologist, paleontologist, botanist, entomologist,
and archaeologist shall constitute its staff together with such other
scientists as the regents may employ or who are now employed by them.
This service is empowered and directed to make available its services to
all the departments of the state, and the residents of the state under
such rules and regulations as the regents may prescribe and is empowered
to engage in such scientific research as directed by law or by the
regents and shall cooperate with scientific units or agencies of other
states, the federal government, educational institutions and industry in
the discovery, analysis and dissemination of scientific information. The
director of the state museum shall also be the director and head of the
state science service and the staff of the service shall be members of
the staff of the state museum.