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Purposes of the Cody center
Education (EDN) CHAPTER 16, TITLE 1, ARTICLE 5, PART 1-A
§ 241. Purposes of the Cody center. The purposes of the Cody center
shall be to:

1. Advance the standards of care for individuals with autism spectrum
disorders and other developmental disabilities.

2. Provide an educational setting for professionals working with
families of individuals with developmental disabilities.

3. Contribute significant research outcomes to the body of science
surrounding cause, identification, and treatment of developmental

4. Practice a multidisciplinary approach when serving people with
developmental disabilities.

5. Support and advance developed programs that form the core of
community services and education including the social skills program,
the resource center, the school consultation program, undergraduate and
graduate courses, the parent education program and case management.

(a) The social skills program at the Cody center:

(i) Curriculum is primarily geared toward children and adolescents
with pervasive developmental disorders.

(ii) The program uses a positive teaching approach, in a group format,
to promote the development of pro-social behaviors.

(iii) Clinical psychologists and behavior specialists facilitate

(b) Resource center services: The Cody center occupies a facility in
Port Jefferson Station designed to provide evaluation and continuing
treatment by a multidisciplinary staff including psychiatry, psychology,
neurology, genetics, social work and other specialties. The Cody center
provides the following services:

(i) Community outreach.

(ii) Individualized information/support sessions with family members
of newly diagnosed children.

(iii) Medicaid service coordination.

(iv) Non-medicaid service coordination.

(v) Sponsorship of parent and professional training seminars.

(c) School consultation services: Children with autism spectrum
disorders face a number of challenges in mainstream educational systems.
Often, school district personnel do not have the special training
required to make inclusion a rewarding and successful experience. The
school consultation program aims to support teachers and other school
personnel in their efforts to educate and work effectively with children
with autism spectrum disorders. The program provides:

(i) Proactive and ongoing technical assistance to school districts and
private educational facilities throughout Long Island.

(ii) Consultation services by Cody center autism specialists with
extensive experience and training in addressing the learning and
behavioral needs of children with autism spectrum disorders.

(d) Services include:

(i) Program planning and staff development.

(ii) Parent training.

(iii) Technical assistance to classroom teams to address the needs of
a particular child or children.