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Appointment of teachers
Education (EDN) CHAPTER 16, TITLE 2, ARTICLE 52
§ 2569. Appointment of teachers. a. In a city having a population of
one million or more inhabitants, state certification in accordance with
the regulations of the commissioner shall be a prerequisite to
appointment to any teaching or supervisory position. The commissioner,
after consultation with the chancellor, shall identify in the
regulations the state certificates which correspond to licenses utilized
by the city school district of the city of New York. Where the
regulations of the commissioner do not identify a corresponding state
certificate, the minimum education and experience requirements
promulgated by the chancellor in accordance with subdivision two of
section twenty-five hundred ninety-j of this chapter shall be a
prerequisite to appointment to any teaching position in such license. In
addition, placement upon qualifying eligible lists in accordance with
subdivision ten of section twenty-five hundred seventy-three of this
article shall be conditional upon satisfactory performance on (i) an
interview test administered by the chancellor and (ii) a performance
test where required by the chancellor.

b. For purposes of qualifying teachers for service exclusively within
a school district wherein instruction is given bi-lingually, all
interviews and performance tests provided for by this section shall be
given in English and Spanish or any other appropriate second language
and the applicant at the time of application shall designate the
language of his choice, except that a written composition as determined
by the chancellor under the policies of the city board of education
shall be given in English.