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Board of trustees continuing education
Education (EDN) CHAPTER 16, TITLE 1, ARTICLE 5, PART 2
§ 260-d. Board of trustees continuing education. 1. Beginning January
first, two thousand twenty-three, each member, elected or appointed, of
a board of trustees of a public, free association or Indian library
shall be required to complete a minimum of two hours of trustee
education annually, from a provider approved by the commissioner on the
financial oversight, accountability, fiduciary responsibilities and the
general powers and duties of a library trustee. Such trustee education
may be delivered online or in person, and may include lectures,
workshops, regional or national library association programs, or any
other format approved by the commissioner.

2. Each member shall demonstrate compliance with the requirements of
this section by filing with the president of the board of trustees
evidence of completion of trustee education from an approved provider.
Actual and necessary expenses incurred by a member in complying with
this section shall be a charge against the library. Such evidence shall
include one of the following:

(a) certificates of completion issued by one or more approved
providers; or

(b) a signed self-assurance of completion. Such assurance shall
identify the approved trustee education providers, a description of the
format and content of the completed instruction activities, the date and
time such member began and completed each instruction activity and an
explanation of why a certificate of completion was not available from
such approved providers.