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Qualifications of voters
Education (EDN) CHAPTER 16, TITLE 2, ARTICLE 53
§ 2603. Qualifications of voters. A person shall be entitled to vote
at a school election in a city school district who is:

1. A citizen of the United States.

2. Eighteen years of age.

3. a. A resident of the state and of the city school district for
thirty days next preceding the election.

b. Where territory is added to a city school district by consolidation
or alteration of boundaries pursuant to article thirty-one of this
chapter, residence in the territory so added shall be and shall be
deemed to be residence in the city school district for the purposes of
this section.

c. Notwithstanding the foregoing provisions of this subdivision, no
Indian who shall have resided on the Allegany Indian reservation for a
period of thirty days preceding the election at which he offers to vote,
shall be deemed ineligible to vote at any such election in the city
school district of the city of Salamanca because of his residence on
part of such reservation located outside of such city school district.

4. No person shall have the right to register for or vote at any
school meeting or election who would not be qualified to register for or
vote at an election in accordance with the provisions of section 5-106
of the election law.